Sunday, March 26, 2023

After deadly Mississippi tornadoes, federal officials vow disaster relief

After deadly Mississippi tornadoes, federal officials vow disaster relief : The National Weather Service issued tornado warnings for several Georgia counties Sunday morning — after tornadoes wrecked Mississippi and Alabama, killing 26. - Prayers for all involved in the Mississippi tornadoes




Monday, March 20, 2023

Update about blog posting

  You may have noticed I have not been posting on here much the past couple of months, there's a reason for that. I am looking for a new blog site (reason below), but I have been posting pics and video's etc on my Facebook and the commenting audience has incredibly increased. 

 A couple of months ago, Google set up new guidelines for Blogger. In these new guidelines they took away freedom of speech on certain topics unless it meets their narrative. For instance things like the V . . ., or some Republican political issues and even some religious issues post have been taken away. I had 1,500 blog posts removed, these articles were innocent articles, nothing bad. Many of these blog posts were just on Franklin Graham, I kid you not,  . . . what? Makes no sense.  I took a brief video scrolling the ones they took off as proof. 

Anyway, until I can find a free blog site where I can post articles freely, I'll stay on here, but will not be doing our regular full blogging.  For our full article posts you can catch them on some of our patriotic social sites, links given below, but our popular photos, meme's and video's are mostly just on Facebook for now.  Speaking of Facebook of all places there seems to be a sort of explosion, like a revival going on - on my profile page. The Christian pics and memes we post there, some are getting over 400 likes a piece with 100 - 200 comments and several shares. People are posting and talking in the comment sections and leaving interesting pics and statements of their own. It's become a nice hub if you want to come on over. God bless you my friends and my website where I can be contacted is: We have revamped it for this year. I will leave a post of the new blog site when I am able to get it and full blogging will resume on the new blog.

These things are funny

Hangin" with the ATN team

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Interview Coming up with Tommy James, 23 gold singles and 9 Platinum albums


 (Catch my interview with Tommy later this year) Tommy James with his friend Paul McCartney. Two people who dominated the music scene back in the day. Tommy James and the Shondells had 23 Gold Singles and 9 Platinum Albums. A movie is being made of his life from his best selling book about his life called: "Me The Mob and The Music". You might have seen Tommy recently on the Huckabee show talking about it. Here's a link: also here is a clip of Tommy on the Ed Sullivan show singing one of his hits, "Crimson and Clover". Check out some of the pics I have listed below. Tommy James found himself in a scary situation as a kid, all the record labels at the time wanted to sign him, Capitol, RCA, etc. but a Mobster who ran a record label at the time called them all and said, "hands off, diss record contract is mine", the next day the record companies started calling Tommy saying they had to back away Tommy didn't understand what was going on. Tommy was always open to the idea of Jesus, but it wasn't until he found a Bible in a hotel room and took it home and studied it that he "dedicated" his life to Christ. Tommy now has his own label. His is a remarkable story. I was thrilled yesterday to receive his book and several of his CD's in the mail a big thank you so much! When his gigs ease up some this year we will book the interview.


Jesus Revolution Movie - Jesus people music - Larry Norman


 (Click here for the video ) The new movie out now called the Jesus Revolution reminds us of the new Christian music started back then that was called the "Jesus People Music". The first to start this Jesus people music was Larry Norman. Here is a video we did the end of last year about Larry Norman, there are other Jesus people musicians on this video. If you did not get a chance to see it, check it out!

Chuck Girard, Jesus Revolution Movie

 (Click here for interview ) As you know the current hit in the movie box office is "Jesus Revolution"! Such a powerful time in history! When I started interviewing online later on in my media career, I purposed to interview as many "Jesus People Movement Artists" as I could before they graduated to Heaven. They were the very first of this new Christian music sound. The first Jesus movement band was Love Song, they were the first to sing at Chuck Smith's church. This interview with Chuck Girard of Love Song stands out, he is talking about many things about this Jesus movement, took this interview a little while ago, enjoy it again if you saw it before!