Thursday, November 7, 2019

This is an American - President Trump Presents the Presidential Citizens Medal

Colonel Richard Rescorla was honored today. His wife received his presidential citizen medal. On 9/11/01, Richard was head of security of the World trade center. He heard the first explosion and jumped into action. He heard a wrong message go out over the intercoms telling everyone to stay in their office. He personal started going on each floor telling them to get out fast! He instructed them on the stairs. He heard the second explosion. He kept going to floors helping people out. At one point the firemen told him, you can not stay any longer and live, you need to get out now. He said no, their are some people on upper floors I want to get out. His military training of, "Leave no man behind" stayed with him. He lost his life that day, but he helped save 2000 lives by personality seeing they got out. This my friend is an American! 

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